Dental Implant Problems and Implant Cleanings

Dental implants typically have a 98% success rate. In a small percentage of instances, however, there can be complications. Let’s take a look at some of the problems that can arise with implants and what can be done to keep them in tip-top shape. Signs of Possible Implant Problems These signs indicate the possibility of […]

Options for Missing Teeth

Smile with Confidence and Enjoy the Foods You Love Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to smile with confidence, eat all of the foods you love and enjoy a higher quality of life? Advances in implant dentistry have resulted in more tooth replacement options than ever before—options that are far more comfortable, durable and […]

Dental Implants… Are they right for me?

A dental implant is titanium post that serves as replacement for a missing tooth. Dental implants can support one or more teeth, or they can be used in combination with other tooth replacement options, such as dentures or dental bridges. Dr. Ovadia and Dr. Tanur recommend dental implants for replacing teeth whenever possible because of […]