Cosmetic Gum Treatment in Dallas

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Our doctors will show you how we can give you a beautiful and healthy smile.

Expert correction of gummy smiles and uneven gumlines

Uneven gumlines and gums that are too large around your teeth can cause your smile to look unattractive and in some cases can affect your overall oral health. When the crowns of your teeth are covered by too much gum tissue, your teeth look too small and can even develop cavities under the gumline which are hard to treat without exposing the crown further.

Dr. Ovadia and Dr. Tanur are experts at reshaping the gumlines around your teeth and lengthening the amount of exposed tooth crown when needed to beautify your smile or increase your oral health.

Minimally invasive procedures

For most crown lengthening and gum reshaping procedures the doctor uses a dental laser or a radiosurgery device to sculpt the gum tissue. Both instruments gently cut gum and other soft tissues and the incisions heal far faster than those made with standard surgical instruments.

Dental gum treatment

Our dental laser gently sculpts gum and other soft tissues.

What we treat

The doctor can lengthen the crowns of your teeth and resculpt your gumline to correct the following cosmetic or oral health concerns:

  • A “gummy smile,” caused by the gums covering too much of the teeth making the teeth appear short
  • An uneven gumline
  • The crown of a tooth which is too short for a dental restoration to be placed
  • A tooth which has never erupted through the gums or descended to its proper place in the dental arch. This leaves a missing tooth in the dental arch and adversely affects the bite.

Fixing the gummy smile

People whose teeth look too short or whose gums appear way too dominant in their smile have what is commonly called a gummy smile. Gummy smiles can be both a cosmetic problem and a health problem, as teeth that have too much gum covering the crown are harder to clean and treat if the tooth fractures or develops decay.

To fix a gummy smile, the doctor gently removes the excess bone and gum tissue covering the teeth. This will expose the full crown of the teeth and the teeth will appear normal in size. He then resculpts the gumline to its correct height, width and shape around each tooth. When this is completed, the smile will look totally natural and attractive.

Recontouring uneven gumlines

Even if your teeth are straight, white and healthy, an uneven gumline around your teeth can reduce the aesthetic appeal of your smile. The doctor can remedy this by recontouring the gumline around your teeth so the gums are evened out and your smile is enhanced.

Dental patient with new smile

Our doctors can give you a natural-looking and beautiful smile.

Functional crown lengthening

When a tooth needs a restorative crown due to wear, decay or fracture, there has to be enough of the natural crown exposed to place the restoration without cutting into the gumline and causing irritation, bleeding or pain. When there is not enough of the natural crown exposed to place a dental restoration without complications, the doctor will gently remove some of the gum tissue and lengthen the exposed crown surface. This will allow the restorative crown to be securely and safely placed.

Dr. Tanur and Dr. Ovadia may also lengthen the natural crown to expose and treat a cavity that has formed below the gumline.

Tooth exposure for orthodontics

Sometimes certain teeth, such as canines, fail to erupt (expose themselves above the gum) or properly descend into their natural position in the dental arch. Orthodontists will need to expose the crown of these teeth so they can correct the position of the teeth with orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Ovadia or Dr. Tanur will expose the crown of the tooth and attach an orthodontic bracket to it so the orthodontist can then bring the tooth into proper position.

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