Periodontal Maintenance in Dallas

Dental cleaning

We provide thorough cleanings and home oral care education to ensure your oral health after treatment.

Expert oral care after treatment – keeping your teeth and gums healthy

Once your treatment is completed, our experienced hygienists will ensure your oral health is maintained with thorough cleanings and home oral care education.

Gum disease is persistent and can return easily after treatment if follow-up oral care is not adequate. It takes continuous removal of the bacteria that accumulate on the teeth to prevent the further development of the plaque and calculus that cause gum disease.

The doctor will tailor your frequency of cleaning appointments according to your individual needs. He will give our hygienists any special instructions needed to ensure your care covers all concerns.

Gentle, thorough cleanings

Our excellent hygienists have over 25 years of experience providing comfortable, thorough cleanings. They use ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments to thoroughly remove plaque and calculus from your teeth.

After the bacterial plaque is removed and the surfaces of the teeth are smoothed, they use a dental jet-spray device called a prophy jet for final cleaning and polishing. The prophy jet shoots a high-pressure sodium bicarbonate stream that removes the stains from coffee, smoking and other hard-to-clean elements that are not able to be removed with other instruments.

Dental ultrasonic scaler

We use an ultrasonic scaler to thoroughly remove bacterial plaque.

Home oral care education

Our hygienists use educational videos and other materials to teach you good oral care practices so you can keep your teeth and gums in healthy condition.

They will also recommend the home oral care tools that you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy and will train you how to brush properly and floss for best results.

To make an appointment, call 469-804-5727 or click here to request an appointment online.

Dental hygienist educating patient

Our hygienists will educate you on effective home oral care techniques.