Oral Health Tips for Summertime

Long, fun, indulgent and carefree days are what summer is all about. The warm weather is ideal for backyard barbecues and family gatherings. While it may be tempting to throw caution to the wind during these months, your dental health should never be neglected. Here are several tips to keep those teeth and gums healthy […]

Do You Need to See a Periodontist?

Do you know if you are at risk for periodontitis, the advanced form of gum disease? The CDC reports that 50% of Americans over 30 and 70% of those over 65 have periodontitis, and many of them do not know it. Harmful bacteria are silently collecting below the gumline, eating away at the foundation of […]

Periodontal Disease and Overall Health

Gum Disease Doesn’t Just Affect Your Gums Periodontitis, commonly known as gum disease, has long been known to cause red, swollen gums, bad breath, gum recession, loose teeth and bone loss—which can eventually lead to tooth loss. But we now know that what happens in the mouth doesn’t stay in the mouth. Recent studies show […]

Technology That Enhances Patient Care

State-of-the-art technology is a cornerstone of Periodontal Associates’ high quality of treatment. Dr. Tanur and Dr. Ovadia have outfitted their practice with a wide range of advanced digital and 3D technology to ensure their patients enjoy a safe and comfortable experience and great results. The newest addition to their high-tech arsenal is the Medit i500 […]

Platelet Rich Fibrin

Improved Comfort and Recovery with PRF The well-being of every patient is always a top priority at Periodontal Associates. From the moment a patient has a seat in the chair to the follow-up care they receive after a procedure, the doctors employ state-of-the-art techniques and technology to ensure a successful outcome. Following surgical procedures, Drs. […]

Is a Comfortable Visit to the Dentist Possible?

At Periodontal Associates, the answer is YES! Patient comfort is a top priority. Dental anxiety is real, and too often it is caused by the memory of uncomfortable or painful experiences at other dental practices. Dr. Ovadia and Dr. Tanur make sure their patients are comfortable throughout every visit, using minimally invasive treatments and effective […]

How Dental Implants Solve the Problems with Dentures

It’s no secret to denture wearers—dentures are a lot of trouble. Dentures lack chewing power (as little as 10% compared to natural teeth), they lose their fit and require messy adhesives, and it’s embarrassing when a denture slips or falls out. They must be removed for cleaning. The acrylic used to make dentures can look […]

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Giving Back to the Community

About Our Practice

What We Love About Dallas Dallas is one of the best places to live in all of Texas. Drawn to the city by affordable housing and wide-ranging opportunities in the job market, newcomers fall in love with the warm and inviting people and the never-a dull-moment vibe. Long-time residents are known for welcoming new friends, […]

Expert Gum Recession Treatment in Dallas

Dangers of Gum Recession When the gum tissue surrounding your teeth recedes, your tooth roots become exposed and your teeth will appear to be longer than normal. Gum recession not only ages your smile, but it also results in the teeth becoming overly sensitive to hot and cold as well as certain foods. When gums […]

Expert Cosmetic Gum Treatment

A beautiful smile depends not only on having bright, straight and healthy teeth but also on having gums that are properly portioned and symmetrical. Cosmetic gum treatment includes the procedures for reshaping the gumline around your teeth and lengthening the amount of exposed tooth when needed. Dr. Ovadia and Dr. Tanur are skilled experts at […]